Dry Lining

Drylining is the term used to describe the use of plasterboard/wallboard that is affixed to masonry walls or timber/metal studwork and provides a surface that can then be decorated, plastered or tiled to provide the exact finish the client requires or is specified. It can also be used to mask and align walls that are not of a good standard.

Internal & External Masonry Walls

Dot & Dab Method

In the instance of probable external walls, the plasterboard is affixed to the wall using what is known as “dot and dab” where an adhesive is mixed and applied in a continuous line around the external of the board, socket and switch cut outs and dotted in the internal regions of the board. The board is then pressed into position against the adhesive, up against the ceiling, tapped into position with a level and supported until fixed.

Tacked to upright metal stud partitions/battens

On occasions, masonry walls are lined with timber battens or metal stud work to provide a service void or area for insulation before the plasterboard is applied and fixed using drywall screws. Another method of fixing may incorporate the use of a system using upright studs that are tied into the wall using adjustable fixings which allow the “squaring up” of a substrate that is out of alignment and would be costly in terms of time and money to replace or repair.

Internal Separating Walls

Tacked to upright studs/battens

To create the spaces we require and to separate rooms, a framework system is created using timber or metal stud dependant on cost and engineering/architectural requirements. Using a laser alignment tool, the base track and head track is fixed to the floor or ceiling and a series of upright studs is placed between these two and fixed at particular centre spacings.

Openings are also placed in this framework for doors and windows and the stud work can be infilled with insulation as well as being able to run cables and pipes through.


Our team will apply either a skim of plastering to complete the smooth result or tape and joint, which is then ready for the final decoration your project deserves.

Whatever your requirements, we have the necessary skilled operatives, with the experience to build your walls to exacting standards and dimensions

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