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K J Plastering Ltd, a small enterprise located in Kings Lynn, has been servicing the plastering, drylining, screeding, rendering and partitioning sectors for over 18 years in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Essex, London, Oxfordshire, Norfolk & Suffolk and in that time, have amassed a dedicated and qualified workforce with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Working with micro to macro size organisations and bringing ‘on-time, on budget’ solutions to their projects, K J Plastering Ltd has built an enviable reputation for quality service and timely completion.

Dry lining

The key to this fast solution to creating space divisions is precision. We only install plasterboard which is truly fit for purpose and has in-built longevity. In the rare event that a design, material or product specification suggests to us that future issues may arise, you will be notified as part of our professional advice to you in advance of any work being carried out.

Our team will apply either a skim of plastering to complete the smooth result or tape and joint, which is then ready for the final decoration your project deserves.


With almost twenty years’ experience as plasterers on major projects, there is little that we haven’t tackled in terms of location, building type or design demand. Again, only the best will do for any contract you may have in mind; standards are never compromised when it comes to materials used for any project you entrust to us.

Strong, resilient plastering will give you the smooth, seamless, guaranteed results you need to have. Plastering has to be ‘right first time’, every time.


As you fully understand, the finished look of any surface requires a deft, experienced touch if rendering is to add the perfection it is intended to. As you will also know, there is an important difference between plastering and rendering.

Largely referring to external work, rendering usually covers stone, blocks, bricks or external render board to give the desired, final appearance the architect, client or designer had in mind. Rendering can take differing forms depending on the specification required but normally comes in a traditional sand/cement, which is painted (if required) or more commonly a Monocouche through coloured render (which has the colour pigment already in the material) and have ashlar lines formed into it which gives the look of Victorian/Edwardian blockwork corners.

Without question, the skilled people at K J Plastering will be able to create exact render finish you have in mind and your local authority Planning Department will be expecting to see.

Metal Stud Partitions

Dividing space using metal stud partitions covers many types of application and this may well be an important element in your design. K J Plastering specialises in creating metal stud partitions using lightweight materials which provide cost benefits when compared with masonry alternatives, so you will have advance knowledge and full control of creating interior divides with predetermined budgets in place.

Again, a professional is needed to install this structural design option most effectively and the number of successful projects of this type completed by K J Plastering offers you full confidence in both the design and the implementation.

Floor Screeding

Creating a perfectly level floor is vital throughout the lifetime of a building. The word ‘screed’ literally means ‘an accurate levelled strip’ and it is only experience and the right equipment that will make sure it is entirely level. Whether a domestic development or a commercial project, if a floor in your building is even the slightest bit ‘out’ the ongoing ramifications in terms of ‘second fix’ and interior design will be a problem that simply never goes away.

As a project manager you know how costly this could be in terms of rework as well as reputation, so speak to K J Plastering about your floor screeding requirements from the very the start of your project planning.

Suspended Ceilings

Our experience on many projects over the years has made us masters of suspended ceiling installation. Again, experience and expertise is extremely critical if you are to deliver a modern, bright environment for those who will use your building. Of course, as you will know, the hidden grids and fitments are a superb mesh of inter-dependent, balanced elements from which panels and lighting are delicately suspended or inserted.

Once installed the final effect can really bring a building design and its functionality to life. Light and airy spaces are created relatively quickly and, once finished, the appearance appears flawless. It certain circumstances, the specification can offer acoustic properties to. As you would expect, every section of a suspended ceiling we create for you will be millimetre perfect.

SFS Framing

With the preferred choice of infill framing now SFS framing to create the perfect façade, its invaluable to know that we are poised to design and build to your exacting requirements.

From just framing to the complete façade package, we can create the perfect solution to your design, leaving you with the perfect frontage.

Fire Solutions

With more and more projects requiring safety and fire protection as the critical factor in the design and build, fire stopping is an integral part of the fabric of the building.

Whether it be fire protection, fire barriers, fire separation or fire walls to walls and ceilings, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist in the application of such details.

Internal Modular Partitions

There are many occasions where commercial building require segregation of warehouse and workspace from offices or that you need to re arrange your premises to incorporate and separate you space. With this in mind, modular partitioning is an ideal way to form walls and glass screens to section up your space.

You may want traditional walls but we can incorporate windows, windows with blinds/shutters, doors, fire protection and acoustic qualities all in different styles, colour and decoration. In conjunction with a suspended ceiling, they make the ideal solution to creating the perfect office space, meeting rooms, canteen, first aid rooms etc within a space.

Here at K J Plastering we only use the best available materials and building systems, and continually monitor the industry for any innovations or improved products that will add value or longevity to installations of all types. If top quality materials are an essential part of your project you can be reassured that we never, ever, consider using anything other than the best.

Currently, products from top manufacturers such as British Gypsum, Siniat, Knauf, Lafarge, Isowool, KRend, Weber, Sto, Rockwool, Isowool, Ronacrete, Visqueen, Armstrong, Ecophon, Celotex, Everbuild and Metsec are regularly used but there would be no problem using any other manufacturers’ quality materials that you have determined for your project.

We source and arrange delivery of our materials from reputable merchants and suppliers like CCF, SIG, Penlaws, EPD, Travis Perkins, Jewsons and MKM which means your materials for your project arrive on time and minimise downtime or disruption

We have our own employed trade specialists and only use sub contractors where necessary, but only after they have been profiled to ensure they are trained, qualified and possess the relevant insurances, trade cards and experience.

You should also know that as the building industry changes, we continually add to our range of services and products to match our clients’ innovative ideas and deliver an outstanding outcome. You will be able to incorporate every possible practical advantage into your build however traditional or contemporary it may be – or even combine the two.

All you have to do is have an initial meeting with us either at our West Norfolk offices, or we can visit your premises or site, so you can find out more about how we can make sure your project is completed to your exacting requirements.

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"This project went well throughout thanks in no small part to the good relationship between KJ Plastering & Lovells. The finished product looks excellent & our client is very happy with the end result"

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